The Romans Poster

Oli2The “big picture” of Romans is available as a poster. It is an A1 (59.4 x 84.1cm, 23.39 x 33.11 inches) which is perfect for putting up in a classroom or anywhere else.

You can use the poster for the following purposes:

A wonderful and fun gift for fellow believers, especially those who love the book of Romans!

Personal Bible Study and/or memorization: The poster has been developed according to tried and tested memorization techniques. To memorise the chapters of Romans, and even their content, is a breeze with the aid of the poster.

Family Devotions: Some time ago a dad told me how he gathers his wife and children around the Romans poster and an open Bible, and how they read through it speech bubble by speech bubble, discussing the message of the book as they go along. Needless to say, kids love the poster and are fascinated by the comical figures.

Teaching or Group Bible study: The poster is a wonderful source for teaching through Romans. Wherever we present Romans: The Big Picture here in South Africa, every person attending the course receives a poster.

Sunday School or Children’s Church: The poster makes it possible to teach the message of Romans (which happens to be a presentation of the gospel!) to children in a spellbinding way. Each “scene” on the poster represents a chapter in Romans, and provides an ideal script for skits and even class/church concerts.

Evangelism: The Romans poster is the ultimate guide to the “Romans Road,” the well known method of explaining the good news of salvation by using verses from the Book of Romans. The poster is also a great conversation starter, providing the opportunity to present the gospel to anyone who is curious about the picture and its colorful characters.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.33.29 AMOutreach and Missions: One of the most remarkable characteristics of the Romans poster is that it speaks through imagery, and thus in a language that anyone can understand, regardless of language or culture. The content of all speech bubbles are verse by verse excerpts from Bible passages (captions in red excluded), and the chapter and verses of these passages are clearly indicated in the speech bubble. Thus, the main tool that is necessary to “translate” the picture into another language is a Bible in that particular language! (The current edition of the poster includes some English guidelines below the picture, but these are hardly necessary if one explains the picture to someone else. Alternatively, these guidelines can be easily translated along with the speech bubble captions.)

If you are interested in purchasing one or more posters, please mail us at for costs and shipping fees.

Buy a Neighbor Poster

Neighbor Posters are posters that are bought on behalf of others. Even though the Romans poster is not expensive, not everyone can afford to buy them or pay for shipping fees. If you buy one or more Neighbor Posters, they will be available for those who request posters, but do not have the means to pay for them.

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