Big Picture Thinking

thinkerOn this page you will be introduced to a type of thinking that we’lI simply call “Big Picture Thinking” (BPT).

Whilst this blog is about Paul’s letter to the Romans, it is also about this type of thinking. As you will see, BPT is a phenomenon that has been recognised for centuries, but without any real explanation as to why it exists. The reason, I believe, is actually quite simple: God has created us to interpret lesser things in the light of greater things.

The articles below will introduce you to this idea, and will be followed up by similar posts from time to time. To distinguish these posts from our journey through Romans, and to preserve the flow of the thoughts therein, I will post their links on this page.

Happy reading!


Jesus Christ: The Lord of the Religionless

This page is temporarily locked.


Confucius JPEG

Introducing Big Picture Thinking: The Elusive Elephant

The picture on the left is called Denominational Nightmare, and the man behind the scream is Confucius (A derivative of confusion, nothing to do with the revered Chinese philosopher).
In case you wondered: Yes, it is autobiographical. I drew it in the mid-nineties, when I needed to express an emotion that could not possibly be conveyed with words…


DalmatianThe Dalmatian That Is Not There

Do you see the Dalmatian? If not, take another look. If you still cannot see it, scroll down to the end of this post and look at the same picture, this time with the contours connected…




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